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Sandra Bullock: Pilates defies Gravity


Sandra Bullock 2


Oscar winning movie. Whilst I was wowed by the amazing cinematography and special effects, the most remarkable thing about the film for me is Sandra Bullock. She is simply amazing.

The actress and producer is an incredible 49 years old, and is a testament to the fact that the aging process is not necessarily as unavoidable as many people think.

So how does she do it? How does she look so great? In her own words, “I do a lot of Pilates, kick boxing, and weight training in L.A. and when I’m in Austin I run or ride a bike,” She puts in an  hour at the gym 6 times a week and boy does it show.

Sandra Bullock 2

Whilst other actresses claim with some justification that Hollywood is ageist and roles diminish when they get towards 50, Sandra’s career is booming with Gravity being her most commercially and critically successful film yet.

Once again Pilates is at the heart of a successful career, and Sandra is truly an inspiration.


Jennifer Anniston, “Friends” with Pilates




Why such a fuss about celebrity Pilatistas? Because it helps to raise the profile of Pilates which can only be a very good thing.

Jennifer Anniston, actress, is a life-long devotee of Pilates. She describes why in her own words:

“I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.”

Jennifer touches on many of the benefits of regular Pilates, and it’s true that many people come to Pilates as a remedy for an injury or problem. But once you start and you feel the benefits, then you usually continue for life, rehabilitating the injury and making the body stronger and more flexible than it ever was before.


– Jennifer Anniston

Madonna showers after Pilates




Guess who is back? Yes, Madonna has again been seen leaving her Pilates second Pilates class this week, so she seems to be increasing her Pilates workouts.

Earlier this week I blogged about Madonna as the Queen of Pilates (https://thechrishuntblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/madonna-queen-of-pilates/) as she left her session. This time Madge left with wet hair which shows that she isn’t shy to shower at the studio and bear all. Although she has been doing that most of her career, but then who wouldn’t want to show off such an amazing body!

Thank you Madge for flying the Pilates flag!