Just who is Chris Hunt anyway?

Hello, so this is me. I’m Buddhist, vegetarian and very happy with life.

I was born in East London on 14th May. The youngest of four children, I was interested in music, and sport from a very early age. As a boy, I played football for my County and I performed on stage in musical productions. I qualified to play piano and guitar, started writing my own songs and gigging solo and with different bands. My love of sport and fitness continues to this day with snowboarding, surfing, golf, tennis, scuba diving, mountain biking, running and rock climbing. I also love Kundalini yoga and meditation.

I discovered Pilates over 20 years ago whilst working in the City of London as the Claims Manager for a Reinsurance Company, and it has been my passion ever since. My interest in Pilates began as a remedy for back pain, but soon grew into a passionate belief that Pilates can help many people, from those suffering through injury, to elite sportsmen and women looking for a competitive edge. I studied and qualified with Pilates Training Solutions. I gave up my high-pressure, highly paid job in The City several years ago and made Pilates my full-time career and my life.

I now present Pilates and functional training all over the world, and I am the CEO of Pilates Life Solutions, Sport Core Strength and Pilates Rehab Limited. I teach my own systems of Pilates; Pilates EVO®, Pilates Allstars® and Pilathai®, and my functional training system, bodyFUNC® across the world including Russia, Brazil, America, Germany, the UK, Poland, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey and Greece. Click on www.chrishuntwellness.com for more info.

In Barcelona I have two businesses, Barcelona Bienestar which offers a range of high quality wellness services to Super Yachts and exclusive hotels, and Healthy Beach Barcelona which also offers a range of services but more outside with sand in-between your toes.

I’m still performing my music today, click on http://www.chrishuntmusic.com to see more.

I also created Pilates Carnival (www.pilatescarnival.com). I was tired of commercialism and seeing the same old faces at every convention, so Pilates Carnivals are conventions for teachers that are totally non-profit, designed to bring together the Pilates community. Any profits made through sponsorship or donations are given to local children’s charities.

I meditate at a local Buddhist Centre, and I still love to travel. During one of my visits to Bangkok, I qualified in Thai Massage. I raise money every year for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital by organising events such as golf days and concerts, and I ran the Sydney Marathon in 2006 on behalf of the charity.

So, tell me about you….

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